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RED and BLUE are bound by the sound link that makes them switch places in time with the beat. Control either character and combine the visual clues with the timing of the beat to to put your opponent in harms way.


The game can be played with both keyboard and joystick. Partner up with a friend for a joust.

Control your character with either WASD, Arrow keys or the left analog stick of your joystick.

Your goal is to force the other player into the deadly spikes. The spikes are hinted by audio and visual cues. Remember to follow the beat of the music, cause at every 8th beat you swap places!


The game was made at the Nordic Game Jam 2015 by

  • Martin René Andersen
  • Tudor Berechet
  • Andreas Heinz
  • Morten Havmøller Laursen
  • Daniel Biserov Todorov

Install instructions

Unpack the zip file and run the .exe file.


SoundBound.zip 69 MB